Cinched and cuffed.

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**In the Streets**

So, this look is something I put together because of my obsession with cargo anything!  Back in my early 20’s, I had so many utility/cargo pieces that I would only wear with tennis shoes in a very casual way.  I love adding some flare and a little dressiness to these types of pieces now.  Decided to switch up my tennies for a pair of cuff ankle heels 😉  The jeans I am wearing are truly meant to be a skinny cut, however, I decided to buy them a couple of sizes up and fold the cuff to a larger size, to add a different effect.  I also cinched the waist with a belt to give the outfit a more polished look.  I think it’s so important to think outside the box when it comes to clothing.  Always remember… not everything is always as it seems and a little creativity will take you a long way 🙂 Shop the outfit here:

Jacket –here

Jeans – here

Shoes – here / Other options –  here  and  here

Belt –here / Budget friendly option – here

Sunglasses – here (Obsessed with Quay!)

Bag – (I’m carrying an LV pochette that I bought about 15 years ago, so it looks a lot darker now.) Updated version – here

Contact me for any additional info! Happy shopping 🙂


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