Bubblegum pop.


**Fun n’ Flirty**

Once in a while throughout my blog you will see me step totally out of my comfort zone and do something that is just fun and playful for a change.  This is a prime example of one of those times ;).  I’m not usually a pinky girl, however, this top was giving me some serious Cali vibes, so I just had to get it!  I love how cute and flirty this top looks with a pair of ripped up mid rise jeans and nude basics.  I added some designer duds to give it some extra pizazz.  I tried a pony tail with this at first, but then decided that simple beach waves were the best way to complete the look.  This outfit has (fun concert) or (bachelorette party) written all over it!  The top is from forever21 and I know they have low stock online, however, they do carry it in store as well.  Shop the complete look here:

Top – here

Jeans – here

Bag – here / Budget friendly option –  here

Heels – here / Budget friendly option – here

*My necklace is a custom made Arabic name necklace from Etsy:  Order – here

If you have any other questions about this outfit, please feel free to message me.  Happy shopping! 🙂

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