Rise and grind. 

*Sporty Chic**

A Monday morning following a packed full weekend calls for sporty, errand running digs!  For some reason, I tend to get an extreme amount done when I am in my tennies and joggers! From going to the gym, to getting some shopping done, my sweats make it a comfortable day while I stay busy getting myself ready for the week.  I remember a time when people would never leave the house with sneakers and joggers on because it was deemed to casual of a look. But, I think there’s so many fashionable ways to rock it these days!  Shop the complete look here:

Top – here

Sports bra – here

Joggers – here and here

Backpack – here / budget friendly option – here

Tennis shoes – here

Sunglasses – here / budget friendly option – here

Hat – here

Watch – here

Necklace –here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to message me! Happy shopping 🙂

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