Mellow yellow.


**In The Streets**

Sticking with the theme of bright colors this season, here’s another great top that adds a special pop to any outfit!  You’ll notice throughout my blog that a ripped jean and pointy toe heel are the most commonly worn items in my entire wardrobe.  This outfit is without a doubt, my quintessential style.  Even though the top is just a basic $10 tank, doesn’t mean you have to wear it in a basic way.  A pair of python loubs was great way to jazz it up a bit.  I really wanted to maintain the grunge side of the look however, so I took off the straps to my pandora bag and carried it hand-held and wore a sweater jacket very loosely over my shoulders.  A red lip and classic Ray-bans complete the look.  Shop the outfit here:

Sweater – here

Tank – here

Denim options – here and here

Bag – here / Budget friendly option – here

Heel options – here and here

Sunglasses – here (Choose, Gold with Brown/Silver mirror.)

My necklace is a custom Arabic name necklace from ETSY.  Order – here

If you have any questions about this look, please feel free to message me!  Happy shopping 😉

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