Birthday suit.


**After Dark**

Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to me, haha!  This Birthday for me is definitely one that I am incredibly proud and excited to celebrate for a magnitude of reasons.  Those who are close to me know first hand how great full and blessed I feel to have made it through this last year, having dealt with the hardest struggles of my life, thus far!  So, with that being said… celebrate like a rock star!  I wanna start my post about this look by letting you know where the originality for it came from.  I first saw this entire outfit on Kourtney Kardashian last year, (who is my celebrity style spirit animal btw) and needless to say, I DIED!!!  Although I’ve had this outfit in my closet for some time now, I wanted to wait for a really special occasion to wear it to.  Being the same stature and similar build as her gave me a good idea as to how the outfit was going to look on my body.  The bodysuit and skirt were pretty easy to find as she had them linked on her app, but the clutch and shoes took a little more work since the Yeezy lucite heels she wore didn’t come in my size (5.)  I got lucky and found my clutch on Ebay for a mega steal but I was able to find the same one on Amazon.  It was important for me to add a little bit of my own special touches to this look, so I started with what to put inside my lucite clutch.  I knew that whatever I put in it was going to be completely visible, so I wanted to keep it chic and stylish.  I put a Chanel compact, a Louis Vuitton card case, a Givenchy lip gloss (that I wore on my lips that day,) a Chanel lip moisturizer, and my I phone equip with my rose gold LuMee light lol!  These items individually were not as expensive as a designer bag would cost,  however they serve the same look as that of an expensive designer bag.  I especially love my Givenchy lip gloss!  It is a special piece I got from Paris and the cap is actually engraved with my initials, which I felt added such a cute touch to the look.  Keep in mind that thinking outside of the box and personalizing things like this packs quite a punch to your overall look.  With the skirt being adorned with pearls and pins, I knew keeping the jewelry minimal was necessary.  Above all, I wanted to keep everything clean and clear with a hint of sparkle.  It’s safe to say that I can’t wait to wear this outfit again soon!  Shop the look here:

**Also, click on my lifestyle tab to read details about my birthday dinner party and to read my review of the venue it was held at.**

My top – here (on sale now.) Budget friendly option – here

Skirt – here (Don’t be alarmed at the price as it is listed in Mexican pesos!) $250 USD.

Heels – here

Lucite clutch – here

Earrings – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to message me!  Happy shopping đŸ™‚



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