Color me badd.


**In The Streets**

I’m going to start this blog post with a bold statement…  “A woven blazer is a staple piece that belongs in every woman’s closet!”  Now, I might be a little partial to this statement given my love for Coco Chanel and her homage to the tweed jacket but I truly believe that a wardrobe isn’t complete without a woven blazer in it.  I started on my Fall shopping a few weeks ago and truthfully found this entire outfit at H&M.  I always have incredible luck there and couldn’t get over how many chic and affordable pieces they offer this season.  This blazer was displayed in their suiting section which immediately leads you to think towards wearing it with some sort of dress pant or pencil skirt as many think is the only way to wear these types of blazers.  I however wanted to display a more chic and edgy way to wear it.  Often times, women shy away from pieces like this thinking it is a look that is only suitable for older women.  Forget all that!  You can make anything look sassy and chic if you just think a little outside of the box.  Adding a fray jean with a high heel was my immediate thought!  The jeans are also from H&M and didn’t originally come in this length.  I actually cut them myself to get this particular look.  I know I wear this belt a lot in my posts, but I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE it!  It is one of my favorite pieces out of everything I own and as you can see, it goes with just about everything!  Well worth the splurge in my opinion.  Black accents and an oversized handle bag complete the look.  Shop the pieces here:

Blazer – here

Jeans – here

Camisole – here

**Always remember to take an old bag of clothes that you no longer want with you when shopping at H&M.  They have a great recycle program and will offer a 15% off total purchase coupon in exchange for it.

Shoes – here (these are very similar to mine.)

Bag – here / Budget friendly option – here

Belt – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please send me a message.  Happy shopping šŸ™‚


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