Date night digs.


**After Dark**

So, I think it’s safe to say that figuring out what to wear on a date is probably one of the most stressful things that we as women ever put ourselves through.  As if worrying about the date itself isn’t enough drama, the outfit is something that just has to be perfect.  I put this look together to show an easy and simple way to look effortlessly chic.  Now, please keep in mind that if putt putt golf is what your date has in store for you, then I would probably opt for a different look than this lol.  But, since dinner out somewhere nice is the usual option, this look will fit perfectly for that.  A slip dress or a silk tank with cute jeans are most definitely at the top of my list of things to wear for date nights.  I just like the look of them and I feel like there are many ways to give them your own special touches.  With this dress, I chose a Chanel chain belt along with an oversized long coat to display my own personal style.  Since the coat tends to fall of my shoulders, I felt that it gave the overall look a bit of edge to take away from making it look too dressy.  Nude heels always make sense since they elongate and keep most of the focus on your legs!  Tousled hair and a nude lip complete the look.  Shop the pieces here:

Coat options: here and here

Dress: Mine is from Forever 21 and literally cost me less than $20.  Not available online but you can find it in stores right now.  Other option – here

Belt option – here

Shoes – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please send me a message!  Happy shopping 🙂


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