Why I’ll always love Forever 21.


**In The Streets**

So I decided to dedicate this post to my forever beloved, “Forever 21” lol!  When I first thought about starting my blog, the most important decisions I had to make were… what kind of blogger would I be?  Where would my main focus lie?  Since I always enjoyed putting head to toe outfits together, I knew that was what I wanted to put out for all of my followers.  Be that as it may, doing this requires A LOT of work!!!  You are expected to put out new and exciting looks on a constant level while still maintaining your true style and showcasing what makes you unique and relatable.  When I first started, my focus was more so on high end designer looks, bags, shoes, etc…  I quickly realized that there is nothing relatable about that.  Even though the pictures look nice, it wasn’t serving any kind of purpose to majority of the world and I didn’t like that.  I want my blog to have a lot more meaning to it and have a higher purpose than just some nice pictures.  I want it to be a place that anyone can benefit from.  Not just a small population of the world.  Working at Saks for years will blind you in a way though.  Especially being centered in the world of Chanel all day.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I will always have a place in my heart for designer duds and will do my best to continue to mix it up but my main focus here will be to bring you as much relatable content as possible.

Which brings us to the main reason for my post! My life saver, Forever 21!!  Blogging can get extremely costly when you specialize in certain things like clothes.  I have been pretty lucky since the beginning of mine since I already had a pretty well built up wardrobe and all of the necessities it takes to start/run a blog i.e. camera, photographer, web designer.  But even though my wardrobe is as large as it is, there is still a consistent need for additional pieces!  This is where I feel like Forever comes in and saves my life.  I can find practically anything I need from there to complete a look in just a matter of minutes.  It helps that there are so many to choose from as well so I only need to drive a few more miles to get the right size or color in something if need be.  Ordering online can be such a pain at times because of sizing, shipping, aesthetics and a number of other things.  When I blog, I have a short time to get an outfit together, shoot it, write my piece and post it so it’s important to find what I need asap!

Most of the pieces I am wearing in this post are all from Forever 21.  I have had this jacket for a few months now and have only worn it a handful of times because I didn’t think to pair it with anything but blue jeans.  I popped into Forever the other day and saw that they were having this insane sale where everything was an additional 50% off of the lowest sale price.  My sweater in this post cost $5.00.  Let me say it again… it only cost me $5.00!!  Thats insane! And it is probably my new favorite!  My coat and boots are from other vendors but the rest of the look cost me a total of $30! That includes the sunglasses and hat!

My loves…  Don’t let anyone ever make you think you need to shop at certain places or pay certain amounts to be fashionable!  Have fun and most importantly, DO YOU!  I hope to express more of this on the blog and continue to show you so many ways to be trendy and chic on a reasonable budget.  Shop my look here:

Hat – here

Sweater – here

Jeans – here

Sunnies – Can’t find them online but they have a ton in stock at the Partridge Creek location.  Here is the sku number for them: 00159455021

Jacket – From Zara.  Not available anymore but it looks like there are a lot for sale on Ebay: one example here (please use your own discretion while shopping on Ebay.).

Boots (similar) – here

*I’m noticing that the prices are a little different online than in the store so I would suggest popping into your nearest Forever 21 for better deals.  I kid you not, they have beanies on sale for $1.00 right now!!!

Please feel free to message me if you have any other questions about this look.  Happy shopping 😉

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