For the love of Flint.


**Sporty Chic**

Being a blogger allows you a platform to be a part of some really cool things every once in a while and this is definitely one of those times!

When I first heard about Genusee I was completely blown away and eager to hear more about what this company was doing.  As most of you know, the Flint water crisis is an ongoing struggle that needs our attention and aid now more than ever.  To hear stories about what this community has been dealing with on a day to day basis is not only disturbing but equal parts frustrating since the proper help seems to be such a difficult thing to get.  This crisis began back in 2014 when Flint, Michigan, switched it’s water source (in a cost-cutting measure) which led to tainted drinking water containing lead and other toxins forcing residents to live day to day through water bottles.  The lead levels were so high in some homes that they reached a level considered to be hazardous waste.  Can you imagine?!? Being forced to drink and bathe with waste!? We are far from a resolution to this crisis but to know that there are some who are truly working hard to make a difference is so incredibly inspiring!

I first spoke with Ali Rose (the co-founder) at Genusee a couple of months ago through Instagram and quickly started learning more about what her and her business partner Jack have been up to these last few years.  Genusee is a company that makes eyewear out of single use plastic water bottles in Flint, Michigan.  Not only are they working to reduce localized plastic waste, they are also creating living wage jobs, encouraging circular economy and giving back to Flint.

When she asked me if I would be interested in doing a shoot with their first style the “Roeper,”  I was thrilled!  I am so moved and honored to be able to add to their launch today.  It’s truly inspiring to see what a difference these two are making.

I am wearing the style in a few different frame colors as well as a sunglass version.  They fit so comfortably and truly look great on everyones face shape!  Light weight and trendy, these glasses are sure to add a great element to your wardrobe!  Here is a live link for you to receive more information and to purchase:

– “Change is made when actions take place.”  I have gone through a magnitude of things in my life that make me wake up every morning grateful as ever for everything God has given me.  We take something as simple as water for granted and do not realize how many people across the globe are without this luxury.  Helping others that are less fortunate should be an obligation, not an option.  Be the change and use your resources for the greater good! 

Be sure to follow Genusee on IG: @genusee_official and check out their site  Happy shopping!

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