Spring headliner.

d57ea43f-2349-430b-b9d8-58d845347db6e3768bbb-6127-4a61-a51e-65e938a837909c42241a-997a-4992-9b17-844ef232cc711a00ed8a-31ab-44ac-b72c-66abfd2f2bf32bd3618c-d98a-4ae6-848f-663638d302a5**In The Streets**

The first official day of any degree above 55 has arrived and I for one could not be happier!  Winters in Michigan have always been a struggle for me.  I suffer quite a bit from seasonal depression like 90% of the population here and truly find so much happiness when the weather starts warming up!

To kick off the season, I put together one of my “go to” looks!  A duster with some distressed denim and heels.  This combo of clothing has always been one of my all time favorites and what better color to start the season off with than yellow to rep the sun and all it’s glory!

So, I originally bought this duster with a matching dress as part of a set I was planning on wearing to one of the many bachelorette parties I will be going to this year ;)! But I of coarse had to put a different spin on it, so pairing it with jeans and python pumps gave it a completely different look that fits a lot more of my style.  Simple and chic with some extra added flare!  Most of the pieces I’m wearing are old and sold out now but I linked the duster below:  Happy Shopping 🙂

Duster- here


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