I’ll take my pink with a side of plexi.


**Fun N’ Flirty**

It should be no surprise by now that 90’s fashion is making an all time come back and I for one am welcoming it back with open arms.  From the retro sunglasses to the pastel suits and even the plexi accessories, I am all in when it comes to a re-do on this fashion decade!  Zara is like candy land these days with how much they have to offer as far as these trends go.  Exhibit A) this fabulous 2 piece double breasted suit!  I clearly was first attracted to the color but then fell in love with it even more when I tried it on and realized there was no tailoring needed for it to fit the way I wanted.  That is really rare for me by the way (shoutout to my seamstress, Muntaha lol!)  I like it worn with and without the jacket buttoned but for this look I wanted to play off of a white contrast so I left it open.  Onto my accessories… plexi everything is what your closet needs to be stocked with this summer!  From sandals to bags and even jewelry, you will be seeing this trend throughout the blogs and fashion mags.  I went a very inexpensive route for my pieces since I know it is a temporary trend.  You’ll be surprised at how many cute things you can find if you just take the time to look!  While sticking to a certain color combo I think I achieved a chic and clean look with a little bit of that As I make my mark edge 😉  Shop my entire look here:

Blazer – here

Pants – here

Tank – here (similar)

Earrings – here

Sandals – here

Bag – here

As always, be sure to shoot me a message if you have any questions about this look!  Also, check out my Insta @asimakemymark for more style inspo!  Happy shopping 😉

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