Calling all blogger babes.


**Fun N’ Flirty**

What a blast it was to attend Femology’s first ever “Blogger Bash” event this past weekend and meet such an incredible and aspiring group of women!  The event was packed with so many fabulous elements and I can’t wait to share all the details with you here.   Femology (Detroit) is the first ever women-owned business lounge for entrepreneurial women who want to learn, link and level up!  It’s an amazing community and this event proved to be nothing shy of what the organization stands for.  Entering the event room which was held on the 4th floor at Grand Circus was the initial wow factor to kick start everything.  So many yummy treats displayed throughout, colors galore, with a DJ spinning the hottest jams set the tone for what the next few hours were going to look like.  Not only was I introduced to so many incredible blogger babes and photographers, I also got to learn a lot about what Femology does.  I loved that there were all different types of bloggers in attendance and each one offered insight on the different ways they run their business to achieve success.

Side note:  Blogging is an extremely difficult job to do!!!  To anyone who thinks that it’s just some girls who are trying to display themselves through some nice pictures, I can assure you, there is a mass amount of work that goes into doing this.  Meeting girls who relate to the struggle end of it was actually a pretty big treat!   We might make it look easy at times, but that is one hundo not the case lol!

Once the date was penciled into my planner, I swiftly went to work on my outfit for the event!   I had a few different ones in mind and even went shopping with my bestie to see what would work best but ultimately decided on this one for a few different reasons.  I originally bought this skirt a couple of months ago and have been waiting to find the perfect place to wear it.  Since this was a mid-day event, I knew that I didn’t want to do anything that resembled cocktail wear.  I wanted a fun n’ flirty vibe <— 😉 that was sleek and chic!  While shopping the weekend before, I randomly found this metallic Zara blazer that made my heart skip a beat.  Seeing that it was my size made me feel like it was my birthday or something LOL!  I can’t find a link for it online anywhere, but they do have it in store right now and it is on sale!  I’ll be sure to put the sku number for it down below.  After trying a few things on with it, all white seemed to work best.  I added a couple of nude accessories and kept the look as clean as possible.  You’ll be happy to know that the whole outfit (minus the accessories) cost me less than $100!  Adding all the links below for you guys to shop it!  Looking forward to upcoming event’s in the future IA!

Shop my look here:

Zara Metallic Blazer – (Item #) 0239571180801

Bralette Tank – here, and here

Tiered Skirt – here

Heels – here

Bag – here

Be sure to add me on Insta @asimakemymark where you can find details on how to shop my looks through the app!  Happy shopping my loves ❤


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