Living on the edge.

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**In The Streets**

I’m sure you are all plenty familiar with the fact that I am OBSESSED with edgy accessories.  I pair them with pretty much every look no matter what the occasion is.  So, no surprise here that a simple blazer dress just wasn’t gonna cut it without the addition of some heavy, black pieces.  My Chanel fingerless gloves are one of my prized possessions and I jump at any opportunity to wear them as they clearly are not meant for everyday use.  Although I am not able to find the same ones, I have linked a similar style that will give you the same overall look.  Fashion gloves in my opinion are the ultimate winter accessory, so get creative girls!  Another fab accessory I wanted to highlight for you is the newest trend in belts!  If most of you follow fashion like me, you have probably seen the “Off White” version of the extra long woven (canvas) belt.  Since it has been flying off the shelves, most other retailers have produced their own versions of it with a variety of different colors and prints.  Perfect for those of us who don’t want to spend $200 or more on a belt.  I picked this one up from Tobi for less than $20 and have already worn it at least a dozen times.  Next… let’s take a minute to acknowledge the chunky boot!!!  Oddly enough, I think I owned the same pair I’m wearing here, back in 11th grade (which was longer ago than I’d like to admit lol.)  But, she’s back!! So, here’s my honest take on it guys… I’m all for trends like this coming back and working their magic.  But, I am not all for spending a ton of money on them.  Too many retailers offer these types of items for a very reasonable price, so I would suggest going that route.  Constantly keeping up with trends can get extremely costly and most of the time they never stick around long enough for you to get your actual moneys worth.  If you’re loving how I put this look together, shop through the links below!

Blazer dress – here

Belt – here

Gloves (similar) – here

Bag (similar) – here

Boots – here

Glasses – here

Necklaces – here and here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to send me a message!  Happy shopping loves 🙂

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