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I’m so excited to talk to you all about a newer, healthier way I have decided to tackle one of my daily habits.  You may not realize it, but from the time that we wake up to the time we go to bed, there are dozens of unhealthy things we do on a natural rotation that have now become a subconscious routine for us!  For me, brushing my teeth twice if not three times a day is a must, with floss at least once a day.  Not that this is something the rest of the world doesn’t do, or even something that is considered unhealthy but question is, what are we using to take care of this task??  I personally have been using Crest w/scope toothpaste for longer than I can remember, until recently when my dentist told me she was noticing a loss in enamel on my teeth.  Let’s be honest guys… if you follow my insta then you very well know that my eating habits are not always the greatest.   I do my very best to keep a balance throughout the week of eating healthy meals but I often indulge over the weekends, including drinking soda!  Needless to say… these kinds of foods and drinks can definitely effect your teeth especially when it comes to stains.  I recently got in touch with one of my friends who owns a company called Terra & Co.  Her company offers an array of products that focus on your everyday oral care.  I was so interested in knowing what other options are out there besides anything we commonly know.  She told me how activated charcoal does wonders for your teeth and gums.  So, I started doing some research!  I came across so much information that had me convinced to try this.  I started using the charcoal toothpaste a few weeks ago and can’t believe the difference I started seeing from day 1.  And let me preface this by saying….  I will never endorse anything that I do not use or believe in myself.  That’s probably a big reason why you don’t see me promote too many things besides my taste in fashion on my page 😉 😉

But back to the toothpaste!  A little bit goes a long way guys.  I will be sure to add some video tutorials to my insta stories showing how much paste I use along with the amount of floss needed for each use.  Speaking of floss… here is what I like about the Terra and Co. floss; Not only is it biodegradable with activated charcoal in its compostable packaging, but it truly works like a charm.  I don’t have a lot of wide gaps in my teeth so to get a tight squeeze in can be difficult with regular floss especially satin finished ones.  The brilliant black dental floss they offer does not fray while using at all and will not break no matter how much you pull.  This is really important while flossing to ensure proper food particle removal.

A while back I started using smile brilliant teeth whitening kits which I still use every now and then for an extra jolt, but for everyday use, I strongly recommend this paste and floss.  Next on my list will be to try their brilliant black oil pulling blend.  I have read so many positive reviews from people who go into specific benefits of toxin removal through the process of oil pulling!  Will keep you guys posted on that as well.

Be sure to check out their site linked below and give some of their products a try!  You will love the clean and brightness the charcoal toothpaste leaves behind and will be very pleased with your overall oral care.  A couple of tips to help with your process:

I always make sure to keep a damp piece of paper towel by me when brushing in case any of the charcoal slightly splatters.  It has never once stained my sink in any way but I I will get some light splashes on the wall every now and then.  No need for too much paste either.  One small line across the brush will do the trick!  I have a separate tongue scraper I use as it’s never a good idea to use your brush on your tongue.  Also, about a half a foot of floss will be enough to use for all your teeth so no need for excess.   Hope this helps!

Please message me if you have any other questions!  I’m happy to give you more specifics 🙂

Link to Terra & Co. site:

**Add code ASIMAKEMYMARK at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase!

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