Welcome to Instaworld!

Rooftop vibes, great music and a fun group of people ready to dance the day away, made for the perfect kick off to my Instaworld, “series 1” event!  When first coming up with the concept for this event, I had it in my mind to create an atmosphere that included everything “Instagrammable!”  From cute photo props, to deliciously displayed food, to fashion forward fits!   I was lucky to have the support of one of the newest and hottest spots in the Detroit this summer when it came to the location which couldn’t have been a more perfect setting.  Being that Delmar just opened this summer, having the opportunity to host the first day party there was a chance I was not going to pass on, regardless of what limitations I had set before me.  Lets be real guys… planning anything of this magnitude in just 2 short weeks is no easy work.   There are a million details that have to be ironed out and not a single area that can be overlooked.  But, to know me is to know I love a challenge, so I went for it!  Although we had some stressful curves due to the weather, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. To all of my guests… you guys are absolute rock stars and I can’t thank you enough for your love and support!

Pics above taken by the oh so talented, Evan Davies and a video recap down below shot by Clark Bishop (my new fave videographer) displayed all the right vibes taken place that day.  Thank you guys for always killing it when it comes to media production!

My sincerest thanks to all my vendors and crew, The Waffle Way, DJ Brandon Jarbo and Maison Farola and of course to the staff of Delmar.  Especially, Ashley, Steven and Anthony!

Looking forward to building upon this and offering everyone more unique and fun parties where it’s not just about networking but also about having a blast!!

See you all at series 2… coming soon! 😉

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