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Welcome to my page, my fashion, my vision and my life.  As I make my mark is something I decided to start after facing some heavy challenges I’ve experienced in the last few years of my life.  Soul searching at it’s finest and coming to terms with what life is really all about.  Someone very close to me once asked what three things in life keep me alive in ways I couldn’t put into words… Those three things for me are “Faith,” “Family,” and “Fashion.”  Through every step of my life, both good and bad, fashion has had such a huge impact on my life.  I can take this passion all the way back to when my late grandmother bought me a cabbage patch sewing machine for my 5th birthday.  That was the day I knew I started a never ending love affair with the world of dress.


Working in luxury retail for most of my life helped enhance my views on all the different ways we are given to express ourselves through the way we dress.  Working for Chanel in recent years was by far the biggest blessing to me.  Growing up, I idolized Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.  Being surrounded in their world gave me such a sense of closeness and connectivity to their vision.  Although my style has always been a mix of high and low, I will forever be in love with the “House of Chanel.”


I consider my style to be a combination of anything goes!  I don’t like to stick to one single form of style because I feel like it’s too limiting.  I get the same feels wearing a $2000 jacket just as I do a $5 t-shirt.  One thing that is important to know about me when checking out my blog is, I am very petite!  I size between a 2/4 depending on the clothing and my shoe size ranges between a 5-6. A big reason why I wanted to create this blog was to offer women of the world a different perspective on how fashion works for all different types.  I don’t have a perfect super model body, nor do I have a perfect life, but I think that every woman has tremendous beauty and a sense of empowerment in them.  How you display it shows nothing but the strength and confidence you possess inside.  Own your life and be proud!  This life is anything but easy, but always remember to refer to the inner Wonder Woman in you and plow through it, dressing like a fashionista, one outfit at a time!

To God, my family and dear friends… I thank you with all of my heart and soul for supporting me, encouraging me, lifting me up and loving me in ways I could never explain.  You are my inspiration.  All my love -Asima.

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