**In The Streets**

So, I admit it.  One of my absolute favorite pass times has to be going to the market and cooking a meal from scratch whenever I find time to do it.  I was one of those odd kids that actually enjoyed going to the grocery store and fruit market with my mom when I was younger and it just seemed to stick with me till this day lol!  With that being said… why not look cute while you shop, am I right?!?  Summer time fashion is always so easy yet the most fun when it comes to putting things together.  Something as simple as a pair of jeans, a cute top and flip flops can come together so effortlessly.  This bright, fun top was a cheap find from Forever21 and it was enough to bring a new outfit to life with some basic pieces I already had in my closet.  I linked some similar items below in place of the older pieces I’m wearing to get the look.  Shop the pieces here:

Top:   here (Exact)

Jeans:  here (I usually cut the bottoms myself for a fray effect.)

Sandals – here (Gold)

Bag – here (Exact)

Layered necklaces – here

Sunnies – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please send me a message!  Also, check out my Instagram page @asimakemymark!  Happy shopping 🙂


**Fun N’ Flirty**

I think I may have a slight obsession with polka dots these days and to be honest… I am A – OK with that!  I’ve been finding so many great pieces lately and it’s starting to get hard to resist them!  So, needless to say… you may be seeing a lot of polka dot looks on here for a while 😉 And since one can never go wrong with neutrals in her closet, putting this look together was easy peasy!   A couple of my pieces are a few years old but I was able to find some great dupes for you guys so you can get the same look.  Had to add some spice to my look with a pair of caged heels and my new teardrop earrings from Zara!  I get major vacay vibes with this look, but would def wear it for a night out with my girls or for date night as well 😉 Shop the pieces here:

Top – here

Skirt options – herehere

Heel options – herehere

Earrings – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to send me a message!   Happy shopping 😉


**Fun N’ Flirty**

It started back in 2016 when Karl Lagerfeld decided to hold one of the most fabulous Chanel collections I’ve ever seen in Havana, Cuba.  I remember the day we got to view the collection and watch the show from here, all the while thinking how lucky the attendees were to be there at that moment.  Since that day I started a never ending love affair with Cuba!  Everything from the culture, to the food, to the clothes and the vibrant colors, I felt immediately drawn.  If you follow my insta-stories you probably already know by now much time I spend jamming to the caliente station more than any other on my XM lol! Simple and sleek with some cuban flare was my inspo for this look.  I bought this panama hat years ago for a trip to Cabo and still get tons of wear out of it till this day.  One of my best purchases for sure since the trend is still going strong.  The dress was a no brainer since it fit the exact look I was going for.  Comfy and chic with an incredible drape.  I first thought of doing flats with this look but then opted for a cuffed sandal since the hardware on it seemed to work so well with the overall look.  My Gucci sandals are sold out but I have linked a very similar pair for you. I also wanted to carry my new little round bamboo bag with this outfit but forgot it at home unfortunately.  Will link it so you can complete the look!  Shop the pieces here:

Panama hat – here

Dress – here

Sandals – here

Bag option – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to shoot me a message!  Happy shopping 😉


**Fun N’ Flirty**

It should be no surprise by now that 90’s fashion is making an all time come back and I for one am welcoming it back with open arms.  From the retro sunglasses to the pastel suits and even the plexi accessories, I am all in when it comes to a re-do on this fashion decade!  Zara is like candy land these days with how much they have to offer as far as these trends go.  Exhibit A) this fabulous 2 piece double breasted suit!  I clearly was first attracted to the color but then fell in love with it even more when I tried it on and realized there was no tailoring needed for it to fit the way I wanted.  That is really rare for me by the way (shoutout to my seamstress, Muntaha lol!)  I like it worn with and without the jacket buttoned but for this look I wanted to play off of a white contrast so I left it open.  Onto my accessories… plexi everything is what your closet needs to be stocked with this summer!  From sandals to bags and even jewelry, you will be seeing this trend throughout the blogs and fashion mags.  I went a very inexpensive route for my pieces since I know it is a temporary trend.  You’ll be surprised at how many cute things you can find if you just take the time to look!  While sticking to a certain color combo I think I achieved a chic and clean look with a little bit of that As I make my mark edge 😉  Shop my entire look here:

Blazer – here

Pants – here

Tank – here (similar)

Earrings – here

Sandals – here

Bag – here

As always, be sure to shoot me a message if you have any questions about this look!  Also, check out my Insta @asimakemymark for more style inspo!  Happy shopping 😉


**After Dark**

Although blogging can be a very time consuming and difficult thing to do, there are some great perks to it!  Case in point… invites to fabulous fashion events around the city!  It’s always a great night out when you get to experience something new, event wise, instead of just doing the typical dinner night out thing.  While working for Chanel, us Saks girls were always out and about attending more of the larger events like Hour Mags “Best of Detroit party, (which is right around the corner this year)”  and “Fashion Bash.”  I was extended an invite by The Fashion Massacre Group to come view day 1 of a 2 day fashion show where they displayed a number of designers and their current collections.  Such a cool show with really impressive work!  Side note:  My shots are actually all taken on the steps of the congregational church where the event was held.  Anytime I attend these types of events, I try to kick things up a notch.  It took me a little while to put this post together because a couple of my original pieces are now sold out but I was able to find some that are very similar.  I am very petite in size so I love anything that looks elongated on me.  These wide leg slit pants are a perfect example of that.   They are high wasted and have an amazing drape to them so they gave me the exact confidence I was looking for when I had the outfit in my mind.  Since it’s a little hotter out now, I wanted to expose a little bit of skin to break it up a bit.  But you know I have a modest side so I couldn’t just leave it without throwing something over my arms.  This longline blazer from Zara has already paid for itself since I have already worn it 5 times.  A record if you ask most of my friends lol 😉  I kept my accessories a bit edgy too by mixing metals and adding some fun pins to my hair for an extra wow factor.  I felt that my chrome heels were a subtle color and didn’t take away from the main focus of the outfit.  Since my pants and heels are sold out, I added a few different options for you to be able to achieve the same look.  Shop here:

Pants – hereherehere (< Most similar)

Bandeau – here

Blazer – here

Heels – herehere (Similar options)

Hair pins – here (I bought rose gold)

Coin Necklaces – here (Similar option)

Purse – here (Similar option)

If you guys have any other questions about this look, please feel free to send me a message!  Happy Shopping 😉


**In The Streets**

My absolute favorite part of Spring/Summer season has to be all of the bright colors you can finally bust out of your closet!  Fall/Winter season can last a good 8 months in the midwest and that’s a long time to be wearing black, camel, olive and bordeaux only lol!  Time to mimic the ice cream cones I oh so enjoy eating when nice weather hits!  Keeping this post short since there isn’t much to this look.  Just a cute, fun top paired with equally fun shoes and a retro edge to complete the look.  Shop my pieces here:

Top:  here

Jeans: here (I cut the bottoms myself)

Shoes:  here

If you have any other questions about this look, please send me a message!  Happy shopping 🙂

88d25f7c-d82c-451d-9f06-bd016ca6494990d71310-3456-43cc-a52b-0b9ffcb042ba98df16c5-0e40-44b8-b323-fe73363338f1f53b7ffc-d1f2-4025-8897-7eacdf6289ebc059ff3e-0639-4931-adb0-074db2051b36**In The Streets/Sporty Chic**

Before I start my blog post,  I want to share some words of wisdom with all of my fellow warriors out there who just might be going through some tough times right now.  To anyone who is stuck in a garbage relationship and can’t find a way out, or is feeling unfulfilled in a dead end job, or suffering from chronic anxiety, being over stressed all the time, or dealing with personal issues that can feel like there’s no end in sight, or to those who find themselves constantly questioning if their physical appearance is going to be judged by society, or to anyone who can’t help but wonder why life’s difficulties always have a way of finding them…  I’m here to assure you that YOU GOT THIS!!!

I received this T-shirt as a gift from someone special to me and it perfectly sums up my life in one statement “Khan AF.”  I’ve gone through a lot of the above and I truly take so much pride in handling every curve ball, stepping stone and hurdle to jump over in my life like a boss and making my life exactly what I want it to be.  You can bury your head in the sand when tough times hit or you can stand tall and share with the world how to rise like a phoenix from the ashes (Roses quote ♥️) and I will always choose and inspire others to elect option B!

Repeat after me…  there is nothing too big or too difficult that a woman with a heart from God can’t handle!  Understand your worth and handle your shit!  You are a strong beast and you will own any life you want. ❤ ❤ ❤

And now… onto my fun, casual yet springy inspired look lol!  I have always been a lover of the graphic T, so to now have a personalized one to add to my collection put quite the smile on my face.  I love wearing long line blazers these days because they truthfully make me look taller somehow lol.  This light pink linen one seemed to compliment all of my pieces so well.  Especially when paired with a lighter denim!  So, I’m sure a lot of you have seen the Gucci “Princetown” loafs that have been out for some time now.  Well, they recently came out with them in white and I went gaga for them.  I did not however go gaga for the price so I did what I do best… found some comparable dupes!!  I found these guys at Payless shoe stores for less than $20 and didn’t think twice about purchasing them!  Since I don’t wear flats all that often, I felt like over spending was not the right way to go.  A cross between sporty chic and street-style is how it all pulled together.  Shop the available pieces from my look here:

Blazer – here

Denim Skirt – here

Mules – here

Watch – here

The T is obviously custom made.  I was given some other things that have “Khan AF” displayed on them that I can’t wait to unveil this summer!  Stay tuned…

Please feel free to message me if you have any other questions about this look!  Happy shopping 😉

d57ea43f-2349-430b-b9d8-58d845347db6e3768bbb-6127-4a61-a51e-65e938a837909c42241a-997a-4992-9b17-844ef232cc711a00ed8a-31ab-44ac-b72c-66abfd2f2bf32bd3618c-d98a-4ae6-848f-663638d302a5**In The Streets**

The first official day of any degree above 55 has arrived and I for one could not be happier!  Winters in Michigan have always been a struggle for me.  I suffer quite a bit from seasonal depression like 90% of the population here and truly find so much happiness when the weather starts warming up!

To kick off the season, I put together one of my “go to” looks!  A duster with some distressed denim and heels.  This combo of clothing has always been one of my all time favorites and what better color to start the season off with than yellow to rep the sun and all it’s glory!

So, I originally bought this duster with a matching dress as part of a set I was planning on wearing to one of the many bachelorette parties I will be going to this year ;)! But I of coarse had to put a different spin on it, so pairing it with jeans and python pumps gave it a completely different look that fits a lot more of my style.  Simple and chic with some extra added flare!  Most of the pieces I’m wearing are old and sold out now but I linked the duster below:  Happy Shopping 🙂

Duster- here



**Sporty Chic**

Being a blogger allows you a platform to be a part of some really cool things every once in a while and this is definitely one of those times!

When I first heard about Genusee I was completely blown away and eager to hear more about what this company was doing.  As most of you know, the Flint water crisis is an ongoing struggle that needs our attention and aid now more than ever.  To hear stories about what this community has been dealing with on a day to day basis is not only disturbing but equal parts frustrating since the proper help seems to be such a difficult thing to get.  This crisis began back in 2014 when Flint, Michigan, switched it’s water source (in a cost-cutting measure) which led to tainted drinking water containing lead and other toxins forcing residents to live day to day through water bottles.  The lead levels were so high in some homes that they reached a level considered to be hazardous waste.  Can you imagine?!? Being forced to drink and bathe with waste!? We are far from a resolution to this crisis but to know that there are some who are truly working hard to make a difference is so incredibly inspiring!

I first spoke with Ali Rose (the co-founder) at Genusee a couple of months ago through Instagram and quickly started learning more about what her and her business partner Jack have been up to these last few years.  Genusee is a company that makes eyewear out of single use plastic water bottles in Flint, Michigan.  Not only are they working to reduce localized plastic waste, they are also creating living wage jobs, encouraging circular economy and giving back to Flint.

When she asked me if I would be interested in doing a shoot with their first style the “Roeper,”  I was thrilled!  I am so moved and honored to be able to add to their launch today.  It’s truly inspiring to see what a difference these two are making.

I am wearing the style in a few different frame colors as well as a sunglass version.  They fit so comfortably and truly look great on everyones face shape!  Light weight and trendy, these glasses are sure to add a great element to your wardrobe!  Here is a live link for you to receive more information and to purchase:

– “Change is made when actions take place.”  I have gone through a magnitude of things in my life that make me wake up every morning grateful as ever for everything God has given me.  We take something as simple as water for granted and do not realize how many people across the globe are without this luxury.  Helping others that are less fortunate should be an obligation, not an option.  Be the change and use your resources for the greater good! 

Be sure to follow Genusee on IG: @genusee_official and check out their site  Happy shopping!


**In The Streets**

Well, theres’s no denying one thing for sure this season and that is the striped blazer!  If you haven’t noticed yet, this piece is going to be your most important essential for the coming months ahead!  I personally cannot wait to pair my striped blazer with matching shorts but since the snow refuses to break up with us, I decided to kick off this piece with some basic jeans and some killer accessories.  I am constantly on the go and my week is usually jam packed, so finding effortless outfits are usually the goal at hand for me!  So easy to take an outfit like this from day to night just by changing up your bag and shoes a  bit.  Flats with a tote for the day to edgy booties and some fringe for dinner with the girls at night!  Ready for Fri-yayyyyyy!!! Shop my look here:

Blazer – here (Choose navy/red)

T- Shirt – here

Jeans – here

Boots – here (similar option)

Bag – here

Sunnies – here

If you have any other questions about this look, please feel free to send me a message!  Happy shopping 🙂