I wanted to give everyone a little insight into my particular style and how I categorize my outfits.  When beginning this blog, I took a good look at my wardrobe and saw that most of my clothes fell into four different categories. “Sporty Chic,” “In The Streets,” “Fun N’ Flirty,” and “After Dark.” Below is a little info on each of them.  When looking at my posts, check to see what category the outfit falls under to help guide you on where to wear it to 🙂

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Sporty Chic – Most people who know me, know that I am obsessed with sporty clothing. The first thing I actually do when I get home is throw on my sweats and put my hair in a bun! Growing up, that usually was the only time you would ever wear sporty clothes, or lounge wear. Now it seems to be a wardrobe street style essential! When it comes to my sportswear, I often add some sort of edge to my more casual outfits. Whether that means a leather jacket with cool sneakers, or a pair of heels with a track suit. I find that adding edge gives you the option to wear the outfit to more places than just the gym. I wear my sporty chic clothing while traveling a lot, to run errands, to go shopping of course, and sometimes even to dinner with the girls, depending on the outfit!

In the Streets – This is my collection of general street style. These are outfits that are a bit more trendy and offer more specific looks rather than pieces that can be used multiple ways. I love wearing these clothes mostly when I am out with my girls, checking out the new hot spot in the city ;). It can definitely get expensive when you try to constantly keep up with the trends, so I hope to offer you options that are a bit more budget friendly, mixed in with a few designer duds, of course 😉 These outfits to me are more personal and actually display my personality in a lot of ways.

Fun n’ Flirty – Fun n’ Flirty is where I like to have some fun. These are more of my flowy and dainty outfits. Often times they will offer more fabric and draping such as that in maxi dresses or palazzo pants. I definitely have a bit of a boho chic side to me, and I love displaying that through this collection of mine. I’m not big into floral’s or even prints for that matter, but every once in a while, I come across a piece that is a must have. You will see more of these outfits during summer time from me. Majority of my suitcase will consist of “Fun n’ Flirty” when I plan vacations to more tropical places. These are also outfits that I like wearing to Sunday brunches and wedding/bridal showers!

After Dark – After Dark is by far my favorite of all four categories. I probably have the most fun with this collection of clothing! After Dark clothes are things I wear anywhere from dinner, to evening events, date nights, or even weddings! I absolutely LOVE dressing up and I find endless ways to do that with “After Dark” clothes. I hope to show you ways to step outside of the box with these outfits. It’s so easy to throw on a basic dress with some heels and call it a day, but let’s try something different!

I hope this helps you out when it comes to putting outfits together. Clothes are an art form and there are billions of ways to kick things up a notch. Let’s have some fun! 😉